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Si 3 (Singam 3) / Yamudu 3 - Movie Review


Verdict: “Suriya and Hari roar once again!”

Si 3 (Singam 3) becomes the only film in Tamil to be a successful franchise movie with three blockbuster installments. Despite constant postponements and unfavorable situations in Tamilnadu, Si 3 released amidst much enthusiasm among the fans and made its mark in the box-office. 

Durai Singam (Suriya) is called in as special CBI Officer by the Andhra Pradesh Government from Tamil Nadu to investigate the murder of Vizag Commissioner. As he begins his inquiry, he is led to a Wealthy businessman, son of the Indian Central Minister and Australian Citizen; Vittal Prasad (Thakkur Anoop Singh), who is behind the murder of Commissioner. Why he killed him, what other illegal activities he does and how Durai Singam offers him his end forms the plot.

Si 3 is Suriya’s show all the way. You can find him in every single frame of the movie with full of energy as he carries the charisma of a fierce yet most efficient cop. With full focus on Suriya and his mission to eradicate the villain, every other actor has nothing much to do in this film, except for mere supporting roles. Suriya once again proves that no one can perform as Durai Singam much better than him. Whether it’s an aggressive action sequence or a mighty dialogue delivery, Suriya does them with ease. His body language and showing various expressions just with his eyes are highly appreciated. 

Shruthi Hassan, Robo Shankar & “Porotta” Soori were useless as ‘ueue’ in the word queue.  “Porotta” Soori’s comedy didn’t work large time and was only irritating throughout the movie. Though Shruthi Hassan had much screen presence time than Anushka, she had nothing significant to do. 

Director Hari with his Usain Bolt speed screenplay has given a perfect commercial entertainer. Though the screenplay was racy and widely enjoyable, he didn’t wait until the scene could create the necessary impact on the audience. Before we could contemplate what was happening, the movie sped up. 

Harris Jayaraj’s songs appeared as speed breaker to the racy plot. But they were not hummable. Background score was much better and loud enough to match the roar of Singam. 

Except for certain illogical scenes, Si 3 is a pucca mass commercial entertainer which would work largely among the B and C center audience and die-hard Suriya fans. As in the end credits, they have given hint for a possible sequel, it would be better if Hari changes his usual template to write the script and lower the decibels. Then Singam 4 would be a sure shot success.

My Rating - 3/5
Grade - B (Worth a watch!)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK  (@Nirmalraj2911)

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