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Sarrainodu - Movie Review

Verdict - "A failed marriage between a flawed script and some deadly action."

Written and directed by Boyapati Sreenu, Sarrainodu features Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet Singh, Catherine Tresa, and Srikanth in the lead roles as it explores the story about a military gold medalist Gana (Allu Arjun) who works for an improved society by beating up barbarous hooligans and corrupted people every day. On the other hand, we are introduced to the antagonist of the film, Vairam Dhanush (Aadhi), who is an archetype of evil and is an imbecile who knows how to play with wicked power and a futile system. As the story unfolds and when consequences evolve, the story directs us for a mega showdown between the good and the evil which concludes with a predictable ending. 

On a narrative standpoint, this film had nothing interesting to present from its outset, the storyline was predictable, time-worn and was tested many times before. They're certainly few parts and characters that didn't connect with the storyline properly and felt like they're forcefully crammed into the film for entertainment purpose. Also, the movie had some serious pacing and editing issues where it abruptly cuts from one scene to another and it happened far too many times that truly made the film look a lot more defective. 

But, on a positive note, the cinematography by Rishi Punjabi was surprisingly incredible. Although the slow-motion gimmick was a bit repetitive, the magnificent scale accompanied with an ostentatious production design, amazingly choreographed action scenes and few fine-looking locations elevated the film on a technical level. 

About the performances, Allu Arjun portrayed a never-seen-before avatar in this film, his charisma, body language and the appeal that he brought to the screen was astounding. He carried the entire movie on his shoulders throughout the 160-minute runtime and was never disappointing. Aadhi's performance was another major boon for the film as he embraced his nasty character perfectly. Rakul Preet Singh and Catherine Tresa were decent as the female leads and didn't have a major impact on the film.

Nevertheless, Sarrainodu might impress only a particular set of audience who are looking forward to watch few awe-inspiring action sequences and a valiant heroic character whose only job is to beat people up. But, if you're expecting a film with a significant storyline and a constructive screenplay then this is surely not the movie for you.

My Rating - 2.75/5
Grade - C + (Decent Flick!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Theri – Movie Review

Verdict: “An amalgamation of many revenge flicks”

The most anticipated movie of the year, stirring up the expectation with its trailer ends up being just another vengeance story with no huge makeover. 

After giving a blockbuster in his début, Director Atlee made a mistake by choosing to make a movie with Lemuria old formula and story. The storyline looks like many revenge movies we have seen earlier. One may feel the plot to be similar to Vijay’s rivals’ movie too. 

“Ilaiyathalabathy” Vijay as Vijay Kumar IPS packs a punch as Deputy Commissioner of Chennai City. He scores in his body language, dialogue delivery, and a couple of mass scenes. But on the downside, he looked short of expressions in melodramatic scenes. 

Samantha and Amy Jackson were used just like any other heroines would be used for a commercial entertainer.  Nainika, daughter of actress Meena was so cute and adorable with her facial expressions.

Yesteryear Director Mahendran played the role of the baddie with ease. Many had missed the good actor in him.

On the technical side, George C. Williams cinematography was top-notch. The movie was bright and colorful with beautiful landscapes of Kerala. G.V. Prakash managed to score pretty decent background score and the songs were of no great lore. 

Even though the plot is racy and has certain refreshing romantic and sentimental scenes, the pale overall story makes the film a hard one time watch.

My Rating: 2.5/5
Grade: C+ (It deserves your attention for a while)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK  (@Nirmalraj2911)

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Fan - Movie Review

Verdict - "A Misused Opportunity!"

When love turns into rage and when your greatest admirer becomes your ultimate enemy and tries to annihilate the name and fame you've acquired through hard work and determination, will you wipe out his existence or how would you react if you're a global superstar who is the center of a target for a psychopathic fan.

Gaurav Chandna (Shah Rukh Khan), a mid 20-year-old from Delhi is a worshipper and a devotee of his idol Aryan Khanna who is an eminent Bollywood superstar. After winning his first award for acting in a local talent competition, Gaurav decides to travel to Mumbai to visit Aryan and present his recently won souvenir as a gesture to thank his hero on his birthday. But things change rapidly when Gaurav traps himself into a deadly situation that not only annoys Aryan but also turns out to be a crime. What did he do? A murder? Well!

Discarding the two main pleasurable aspects of a film music and comedy, the story becomes the frontrunner and the presentation should be remarkable and accurate at the same time. When the main theatrical trailer released online it seemed that we're up for something exhilarating and intriguing and moreover it felt like a sure shot success in the action-drama category.

But, here's my concern, the objective of the entire film, the reason Gaurav was infuriated towards Aryan was a bit ridiculous. It felt a lot convenient and didn't justify the action that took place in the second half. I understand the emotion behind it, but the screenwriters could've considered a better idea to exploit the riveting premise. 

And furthermore, they're a little too many plot holes in the second half of the film where the scenes defaulted without logic, authenticity and emotion. Sure, watching SRK chase SRK was sure-shot entertaining but if you take a moment to think about the whole thing it sure will feel a bit asinine. 

Also, here's another example of why this movie felt transparent for me, the climax scene when the two characters talk to each other, that scene was supposed split your heart with affection and sentiment, but instead we get a dry impassive drama that didn't affect me emotionally. 

But, on the positive side, we finally get to see the Shah Rukh Khan we've been missing for almost three years now. His performances in the last few movies felt more synthetic and artificial for me. But in Fan, he's back with his charm and the alluring screen presence that he brings to the film. His body language, facial expressions, and dynamic that he brought to these two characters felt natural and didn't seem that he was acting in front of the camera. This performance will be remembered  and in the end, it's always delightful to watch SRK giving his best in every scene.

Nevertheless, this film had everything properly established, a great actor, a fascinating premise, and a talented director. But, the writers had misused the opportunity to perpetuate the storyline with a gripping screenplay and scenes that were emotional and believable. SRK was at his best during the entire film but it's just not enough for me to recommend you guys to go watch this film if you're not a fan of the superstar. Believe me, as a big fan of SRK I wanted to give this movie a good grade, but maybe I just have to wait till Raees releases.

My Rating - 2.75/5 | Grade - C + (Decent Flick!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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