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Raja Natwarlal - Movie Review

Verdict - "A thought-provoking heist-thiller, that will leave you ambiguous"

From an actor who tries to do a distinct movie everytime, Raja Natwarlal is everything I expected it to be. Unusual, diverting and stimulating. Is this his best movie ever? No! Atleast it's better than his last two debacles.

Let's simplify the basic plot of the movie. A sympathetic yet enthusiastic fraudster takes retribution on a brainy sadistic millionaire for obvious reasons in an ingenious way which surrounds around the most popular sport in India. In a generic way, it's a conflict between a good and a bad guy. Who wins? Well! *shrugs*.

Now! What really is intriguing about the movie? Not the kissing scenes for sure. Well with all honesty, right into the first twenty minutes of the movie, I was doing the same old horizontal head shake I usually do for almost sixty percent of the movies these days. I don't want it to be generic and conventional. But a turn-around is always expected, it is at that point, when Paresh Rawal entered into the movie, it started enthralling me.

I always admire movies that have a captivating storyline and I appreciate the work of writer-director Kunal Deshmukh here, the movie has every possibility to clear out in a customary way, but he departed with a different direction, the whole subtle construction of the movie was truly intellectual, he kept initiating ideas in my mind, created few clues and finally clinched everything perfectly. And I suddenly started thinking what really happened in the narrative even after the movie. And that is my biggest compliment for this movie, it let me contemplate what the actual plot is.

Negativity! There's always a part in the movie that is cliched. For example, an obvious ending, an unstable start and for the most part you'l start linking the movie to some Hollywood heist-thriller. Oceans Eleven? But in my context, the destructive element of the movie didn't really agitate me to any extent .

Performances were satisfactory by the whole cast in the movie. The characters are a bit atypical, something we usually expect from a heist movie. Good to see Paresh Rawal come back and get an imperative screen-time, same goes to Kay Kay Menon. Humainma Mallick, not so appealing with her looks and that's usually expected from a Kunal Deshmukh movie, a partly attractive woman who is not misused.

Playing a vital role in the movie, the songs were not obligatory for few instances, but it's a Emraan Hashmi movie it's a foremost component we should get along with. Also props to the dialogue writer Sanjay Masoom for few notable lines.

To wrap up, Raja Natwarlal has a thought-provoking storyline that may/may not utterly entertain you. It's a type of movie which bugs for few minutes after it's ending, but when you finally comprehend what the actual movie is all about, you can create an impression that can be either good or bad. Candidly, I liked the movie for the most part, but will I recommend it for everybody? Probably! But I'l be particular about it.

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Entertaining! With noticeable flaws)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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The Expendables 3 - Movie Review

Verdict - "It's appalling and they're done!"

All of our favourite action movie stars in one giant movie. What could possibly go wrong? I would probably say everything!

The Expendables unify once again for the third time with few new lads and a female bouncer as they knock down the perilous Mel Gibson and his gang in a nowhere land. The same old storyline all over again and I'm sick and tired of it.

In detail, initially when the new cast members were announced along with Mel Gibson and Harrison Ford I was genuinely surprised and excited. It made me think that they were going for something new and contemporary. But right into the first thirty minutes of the movie I felt uncomfortable and eventually was bored to death.

I'l say, yes! It is indeed fun to watch these big name celebrities preposterously kicking ass of the goons. But we've already seen it two times before, I don't need a logical storyline too, all I need is some good writing and screenplay and that is my major complaint about the movie. The screenplay was soo mind-numbing and slapdash where it got to a point when I actually started moving my head horizontally with displeasure.

Out of the whole bunch, the new characters played Ronda Rousey, Kelan Lutz, Victor Ortiz and Antonio Banderas are nothing significant, they just need to give an adolescent look to the movie and I didn't really care about them. Didn't mind Banderas humour or Kelan's assertive face but Ronda Rousey is particularly horrible in her performance and I can understand the fact that she's not really an actor to give a decent performance.

Stallone, Arnold and Statham had nothing new to deliver and by far the most impressive performances are from Mel Gibson and Wesley Snipes. They both had few notable moments in the movie and Gibson is astounding as the bad guy.

Nevertheless, The Expendables is a worn out franchise, the fact that it made 27.4 million domestically till now conceals the fact that people are not interested to watch any more of these movies. I didn't find the movie either funny, cheesy or interesting and is unfortunately the worst part of this franchise. Hope they are trying something novel in the fourth installment Expendabelles (female version).

My Rating - 1.5/5
Grade - D+ (Hangover!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Mardaani - Movie Review

Verdict - "Audacious and unflinching, yet another strong female lead movie".

With movies like Highway, Queen and now Mardaani. So far, 2014 is been a strong year for female lead movies and we should be glad about it. Hope Mary Kom turns out well!

Mardaani recites with a simple premise and also with an impressive run time of 114 minutes, a fearless lady cop hunts down an obnoxious child sex trafficking gang . Did she successfully triumph over? You would probably guess the obvious answer.

Now! What's the actual purpose of this movie? It was never crammed with unnecessary commercial elements nor with a logical storyline which keeps you guessing for every single minute. It's just a straight forward no-nonsense thriller that take aim in creating awareness about these pugnacious events which are taking place in our daily lives. It was that effortless!

Few movies should be viewed the way they should be, going into Mardaani don't anticipate for something inimitable. I was genuinely surprised when they concluded the first half in 40 minutes. It was a daring move, mainly in the world of commercial cinema, but director Pradeep Sarkar and writer Gopi Puthran were valiant enough to try and deliver a movie which will no where intrigue an archetypal moviegoer.

About the writer Gopi Puthran, the screenplay of the movie is a bit underwhelming, we expect things to happen in an altered way, but Mardaani takes the classic emblematic route to explain things, it was never boring though. Maybe that's because of the tag attached to the movie which is "Inspired by true events".

Rani Mukherji is the powerhouse of the movie, she is compelling, fascinating and totally appealing as an intrepid cop who never back down. She completely surpassed the conception and the importance of a female character in a movie and as I said earlier, female lead performances were stronger this year and I'm totally enthralled by it.

Finally, Mardaani is an imperative and a much needed movie for all (especially women). It was completely confident in it's approach and believed in it's original storyline. It might not blend well in a nonspecific world, but if you do respect these kinda movies, go give it a try.

My Rating - 3.25/5
Grade - B (Worth a watch!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Singham Returns - Movie Review

Verdict - "Promises and delivers. Singham Returns is a good time."

Let it be a cheesy juvenile action-comedy, I found myself sitting in a theatre surrounded by normal moviegoers going bananas for every mass scene and that's where director Rohit Shetty get along with the audience well. Is this his one and only intention?

The story unfolds in an identical way. A honest cop set to track down a felonious gang, will he prevail successfully in a guiltless society?

Now! Going into this movie, I knew it'l turn into a generic hackneyed cat and mouse story. Did I get that? Absolutely not! I was completely astonished by the story and screenplay of the movie. I'm completely not backing up the plot of the movie, but it got me intrigued, there was never a tedious moment in the movie where I felt like taking a break. And that maybe the biggest compliment I can give to this movie.

On the other way around, arguing about the negatives, they were plenty of them, but in detail I felt the comedic element is been forced to a great extent where it felt annoying to watch. Don't get me wrong, this is such a polarizing dispute. But I felt it could be better if it's limited to one or two wholesome scenes.

As I said earlier, this movie will create a rift in the audience members, if you don't love that cheesiness in a movie then you might end up hating this movie which will be consoled by every commercial element bordering on the dialogue, over-the-top action sequences and the background score.

Not that he makes generic movies, I really admired Rohit Shetty's work here, he knows his substance well and pretty much a mastermind in grabbing the box office collections. In regard to this movie, he took more care about the story, the audacity that was created in few scenes were certainly the significant elements for this success and I also like the fact that he didn't really follow that customary approach of fitting in a song for every 15 minutes.

Ajay Devgn is the real deal here, his on-screen charisma and the way he carried out his character throughout the movie was remarkable as he completely got over with his fans through dialogues like "Aata Majhi Satakli". The engaging factor?

To conclude, I'm genuinely surprised with Singham Returns, may be because my expectations were dead low. I never thought that I would give this movie a fairly positive review. Is it a flawless movie? Definitely not! But it lives up to it's expectations and gives delivers what it needs to. I'm going fresh with this movie, three out of five stars for this flick from Rohit Shetty and team.

My Rating - 3/5
Grade - B (Worth a watch!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Anjaan – Movie Review

Verdict - “Predictable plot and weak screenplay makes Anjaan a huge let down”

Anjaan, another hugely anticipated movie of 2014 released on August 15th amid tremendous fanfare but failed to satisfy the sky high expectations.

Starring Suriya, Samantha and Vidyut Jamwal in the lead, the plot of the movie is about two Mumbai Gangster-duos Chandru Bhai (Vidyut Jamwal) and his best friend Raju Bhai (Suriya). It is just another ordinary revenge drama with few predictable twists.

Director Lingusamy has come up with a script that is spineless and with a weak screenplay. There is absolutely nothing new to look out in Anjaan’s story. And its mighty length adds misery to our suffering. The movie’s second half drags with lots of unwanted scenes portraying friendship of Chandru Bhai and Raju Bhai and tests our patience till the end.

Suriya was masculine with rugged look and in a not before seen stylish avatar. So was Vidyut Jamwal. Both the dudes were enough to woo us with their charisma and screen presence. Even Samantha changes her girl-next-door look in this movie to an ultra modern fashion babe. She is not to be missed in the songs “Kadhal Aasai” and “Oru Kaan Jadai”. Her chemistry worked out well with Suriya.

Another flaw in this movie was the lip sync off for the Bollywood actors Manoj Bhajpai and Vidyut Jamwal which could be easily noticed and in few scenes it gives you a feeling of watching a dubbed movie.

Santhosh Sivan’s camera work was stupendous and it was the only positive component I could find in this movie. The movie looked colourful through his lens. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs have already topped the charts but the misplacement of the songs makes it not an enjoyable one on the screen.

On a final note, Anjaan didn’t meet up with the hype it created before the release. Dull script and boring screenplay makes Anjaan an awful one. The movie could be watched only for Suriya, Samantha and Santhosh Sivan’s cinematography in the end.

My Rating - 2/5
Grade - C (Lost in the Midway!)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK (@NirmalRaj2911)

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Guardians of the Galaxy - Movie Review

Verdict - "Does Justice to the Term 'Summer Movie Blockbuster'"

One imposing component about Guardians of the Galaxy is that by the end of the movie you will fall in love with these non-human characters which was feasibly unforseeable.

In an abridged way, the main plot of the film surrounds around a MacGuffin that formulates a combat between a group of outlaws led by Star Lord and a group of mercenaries led by the peril menacer Ronan The Accuser.

As I stated earlier, the movie was a total surprise when it comes to the characters and I'm utterly pleased about the screenplay of the movie, screenwriters James Gunn and Nicole Perlman carried out the movie perfectly by setting up the characters, prolonging the storyline and most prominently making us enthuse and enlive each and every aspect of the movie.

Also the foremost strength of the movie was it's humour and it actually succeeded each and every single time. I'l explain you why, the amusement cog is not only about characters randomly cracking jokes, it's also about the humour which was filled with silence and pop out with a single expression. Guardians delivers at that level, and I'm actually contented by it.

And the best thing is that the movie didn't take itself seriously, which grasps my attention to director James Gunn's, who did an astounding job by amending the movie well with a light-hearted approach and I appreciate Marvel Studios and Kevin Fiege for actually letting the movie create an unique and fresh impression in people's mind.

The movie had few snags here and there, and this has been my major complaint of all the Marvel movies (Avengers excluded), the antihero facet is always been a letdown. In Guardians, the build up and the presentation of Ronan was remarkable, but did he pose as an amazing character? I would say no! Also the story is a bit generic and I understand the reason why, being a primary onset of the franchise, the storyline did what it needs to do.

It was overall flawless with the performances in the movie. Chris Pratt portrayal was composed and placid, been given a major role in the franchise, he stood up to all the expectations and resided his character in a safe place. I was a bit sceptical about Dave Bautista's performance and he filled life into his character and was very impressive for a wrestler turned actor.

Zoe Saldana's character was a bit underwhelming and I felt she was a bit underutilised and was wasted in many ways. Her appalling love tier with Peter Quill tells you her importance in the movie.

Rocket and Groot voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel were the most stimulating characters in the movie. Their chemistry, humour and the slice of the action were the most gratifying parts of the movie, as I didn't mind of them being a computer generated animals.

Also the CGI in the movie was lively and wholesome. The wide range of vibrant colors used in the movie was a definitely an eye-candy and there's nothing amazing to watch in the 3D format. Better prefer 2D!

Nevertheless, Guardians of the Galaxy is a surprising gift box filled with all the necessary elements of action, emotion and humour which perfectly sums up the term "Summer Movie Blockbuster". It sets up the storyline flawlessly for the Marvel cinematic universe and builds it's own place high above on the best Marvel movies chart.

My Rating - 3.75/5
Grade - B+ (Highly Entertaining)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Entertainment - Movie Review

Verdict - "Entertainment undoubtedly falls in the category of worst movies of this year".

Akhil Lokhande (Akshay Kumar) just has one aim in life: he wants to earn enough money to prove his worth, which will in turn, impress his girlfriend's (Tammannah Bhatia) father (Mithun Chakraborty). That is, till he gets the news that he is the son of a multi-millionaire diamond merchant. Akhil's troubles don't end here: his father has inherited all his property to a dog, called Entertainment!

As a fan of Akshay Kumar It's very saddening for me to see him doing such films. Unfortunately his choice of films is getting worse year by year. Why can't he do films like Special 26, Oh My God or Holiday? What makes him do such mind-numbing films?

It's not like slapstick comedies are not enjoyable, Akshay Kumar has ruled this genre from past few years but it's high time now! I really hope he stops doing films like Entertainment. Tamannah Bhatia doesn't have much scope in the film.

Johnny Lever, Prakash Raj, Sonu Sood and Mithun Chakraborty did a decent job. Krushna is as irritating as the film's narrative.

Sometimes it feels like Junior, (Entertainment) meant to be the film's hero, is just used as a prop in this lousy flick.

The less said the better about the debutant director duo Farhad & Sajid. The duo shows how low on IQ they are by writing & directing "Entertainment". Believe me even a 10 year old won't enjoy the film. Did the duo actually believed that naming their film Entertainment will make it entertaining?

The only enjoyable thing in the film were its songs.

I'll rate it one out of 5 stars. Entertainment is a big embarrassment on the Hindi Film Industry.

My Rating - 1/5 | Grade - D (Absolutely Awful!)
-By Nisarg Shah (@Nisakki)

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