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Vaayai Moodi Pesavum – Movie Review

Verdict: “Highly Entertaining and thought provoking”

Vaayai Moodi Pesavum is a Tamil-Malayalam bilingual movie directed by Balaji Mohan, the director who made a remarkable debut with Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi. It has Dulquer Salman, son of Mollywood Superstar Mammotty and Nazriya Nazim in the leads. It also has Madhoo, Pandiyarajan, Robo Shankar & John Vijay playing in pivotal roles.

The film takes place in Panimalai, where people are affected by a mysterious disease caused by H10N10 virus which makes them dumb. Many people are infected by the virus and how the outbreak of this diseases cause problem in their life and how do they finally find the solution forms the plot.

Director Balaji Mohan had come up with an entirely different concept and made it into a beautifully sculpted film with unique narrative style and well written screenplay. The first half was a laugh riot. The director himself appears as a News reporter, reporting the happenings in Panimalai in a mocking way. He does justice to the film’s title in the second half of the movie.

Dulquer Salman plays a door-to-door salesman. He sells the product an adhesive with his eloquence. He is a perfect match to the warm hearted character. He is attractive and sure to become girls’ heartthrob.

Nazriya Nazim plays the role of a doctor who is shy and reserved and is being controlled by her boyfriend whom she is not interested with. Her onscreen chemistry with Dulquer Salman is admirable.

All the other supporting actors had enough screen space to show their acting skills. Robo Shankar and Pandiyarajan were exceptionally good and they were the most hilarious ones in the movie while portraying the roles of “Mattai” Ravi and Minister respectively.

Cinematography and Background scores were top notch in the film. Whether capturing the beauty of the Western Ghats or showing the fully furnished houses or hospital, Cinematographer Soundharajan makes no mistake and pictures them in an exquisite way.

Debutant Music Director Sean Roldan keeps the momentum of the film with his background score. The bgm was stupendous during the second half, where it required the most.

Editor Abhinav Sunder Nayak has done a fair job in his work and gives the ensemble list of supporting cast their space and keeps the movie engaged.

Finally, Vaayai Moodi Pesavum is an entirely different approach in the contemporary era of filmmaking. Balaji Mohan had delivered a highly entertaining movie which also provokes some thoughts that may even change your way of living in the end. Vaayai Moodi Pesavum is definitely one of the finest movies of the year and Kudos to Director and his whole team.

My Rating - 3.75/5
Grade - B+ (Highly Entertaining)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK (@NirmalRaj2911)

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Chandamama Kathalu - Movie Review

Verdict - "Atypical and exceptional. Definitely a pacesetter in the contemporary era of filmmaking".

As a massive movie enthusiast, I'm in pursuit of a good Tollywood movie that is completely diverse and altered when compared to the customary commercial cinema and Chandamama Kathalu seemed perfect for me and it's also directed by the gentleman I admire the most Mr. Praveen Sattaru.

Holding on to the word 'Diverse', the plot of the movie was an assemblage of eight distinct stories, each with a unique style and approach as they are narrated adjacent to each other and in the long run they all have a particularized conclusion which justifies the movie title flawlessly.

In a more detailed way, the first half of the movie was slightly stale, it was completely understandable because the director was utilizing more time to develop several characters in the movie correspondingly, without revealing much of their plot line. But in it's approach the comedic part became a bit tedious and the movie didn't really astonish me by the end of the first half.

Instigating the second half, the pace of the movie was upsurged, things started to unfold in a meaningful way and the advanced characters in the first half became easy to transmit and relate. Blended with a good amount of humour, emotion and intellect, the second half was the focal point of the whole movie.

In particular, I'm pleased with the work of the writer/director Praveen Sattaru, managing a movie with eight different plots is a gigantic height to triumph over, it takes sensibility and impartiality to write these kinda subjects and Mr. Sattaru succeeded in the story telling aspect of the movie.

Like I said, he's phenomenal in unfolding the story lines impeccably. Mitigating the title of the movie, every single story was expressive and had a great significant component behind it which contrasts the shades of good and bad.

Mickey. J. Meyer's music was a definite plus for the movie. It mingled up seamlessly in every single situation of love, emotion, comedy and drama.

The performances in the movie by every single lead actor was remarkable. It was a great ensemble of many incredible supporting actors, but for few honourable mentions, Kishore's performance as a struggling writer and a caring father was maginficent. Krishneswara Rao's portrayal as an ambitious beggar was splendid as well as Abhijeet, Lakshmi Manchu, Chaitanya, Aamani and Naresh deserve an equal applause.

Nevertheless, Chandamama Kathalu was authentic, unique and very much relatable to real lives. Praveen Sattaru's fearlessness in taking a different path in Tollywood cinema must be highly appreciated and should be encouraged by every moviegoer who inquires for something distinctive. The movie might not be a commercial success but I assume that the word of mouth will definitely help the movie to achieve a justifiable appreaciation.

My Rating - 3.5/5
Grade - B+ (A perfect weekend pick!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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2 States - Movie Review

Verdict: “Two states definitely lacked the two main components required for a seamless movie.”

By and large, what do we expect from Dharma Productions? Vivid panoramas, flamboyant locales, an adorable couple, alluring romance and weepy circumstances that adheres the storyline in an evocative way. Even though 2 States mingled up everything in a corresponding way, it still lacked a key feature that sets it apart from the other Bollywood rom-com's.

Krish (Arjun Kapoor) and Ananya (Alia Bhatt) were in pursuit of their post-graduation degree under the IIM University, Ahmedabad. After sharing few intimate moments in their respective dorm rooms they irrevocably take their relationship seriously and opts for marriage with an unfeasible pact to convince both their assorted families so as to lead a pleasurable life.

As I referred to the key feature earlier, the story and the screenplay of the movie was a letdown. Split into six acts, it never improvised in it's approach and gradually reduced the humour and the heart of the movie. Don't get me wrong, they were few melodramatic moments all over the place, but it didn't really sway me to a captivating level where I can concentrate more on the movie instead of it's length.

Also they are few clichéd sequences that are truly impractical and it didn't really felt genuine, cause I really bother about few petite things which are phony and that's the actual drawback of the movie, it felt fictitious to me.

But on a bright note, the comical timing in the movie was wonderfully crafted, it was unfussy and minimal that never overplayed to any extent. Also the purpose behind the movie is simple, it was targeted to teenage audience and that attractive, eye-catching component in the movie was really well presented.

Genuinely, I'm completely unaware of it's original source material and I can't really equate between a book and the movie. But on a cinematic standpoint the effort that debutant Abhishek Varman put on to the script and the direction was mediocre. I can understand the diversity between a book and the movie, it's quite complicated to adapt everything to the movie but if you have a precise script that would've been more charming and entracing which automatically hooks up the audience members.

I personally didn't quite find the music on an appealing level, it merged well with the situation, but I'm quite sure that the esteem will be tapered after few days.

Alia Bhatt was spectacular as always, she carried her role with ease in every single sequence and her mature acting chops were complemented well with her character. Arjun Kapoor's character was very quiet and composed and it's a complete contrast of his previous slapdash aggressive roles. He's likable in the movie and definitely shared a charming screen presence with Alia.

Nevertheless, 2 States could've been more remarkable with a tight screenplay, necessary subplots, non-clichéd sequences and a thirty minute trim. That being said, I was never intrigued by the movie, it's forgettable and will eventually reach the insipid section of movies. If you're a fan of the generic Bollywood rom-com movies, you will definitely find something affable. If not, ignore it and save it for a rental.

My Rating - 2.5/5
Grade - C+ (It deserves your attention for a while)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Tenaliraman – Review

Verdict: "Impressive comeback by Vadivelu, but shortage in hilarity".

Everyone, including me was excited about this movie “Tenaliraman”. Only to catch glimpse of the unsurpassed comedian of Tamil Cinema Industry “Vaigai Puyal” Vadivelu, who is being seen on the silver screen nearly after three years that too in dual role. Have it full filled everyone’s mammoth expectation? Let’s find out.

Setback in the 15th Century, the film revolves around an innocent king and his nine ministers known as Navarathinas. Later Tenaliraman becomes one among the Navarathinas after proving his intelligence to the king. Expect him all the other eight are scandalous and doesn’t allow all the welfare measures taken by the king to reach the people. How did Tenaliraman with his brainpower prove the other eight ministers evil nature to the King and helps in the prosperity of the Kingdom forms the plot.

The plot was simple, nothing out of ordinary. Director Yuvaraj’s effort to portray the ill effects of foreign investments during the monarchical rule should be appreciated. But it seriously lacked the comical track which we usually expect in a Vadivelu movie. Though there were few comedy scenes here and there but on the whole the movie was humourless which was the main drawback of the movie.

Vadivelu made an extraordinary comeback. It was such a delight to watch him on the big screen after three years. He is back into action and does what he is best in i.e., entertaining people. But the lack in fun factor is really a letdown.

Meenakshi Dixit as Princess Madhulai impressed with her looks and all other supporting artist who portrayed the role of the Navarathina ministers like Manobala, Radha Ravi, G.M. Kumar etc., did their part well.

D.Imman’s song and background music tries to match the 15th century. Song weren’t that good except for one or two. Others were not even hummable. Cinematography and editing were decent.

On the whole, Tenaliraman was not up to the expectatios, excluding Vadivelu, who had given an excellent performance. Watch it if you are highly enthusiastic about it, just for your own satisfaction.

My Rating - 2.5/5
Grade - C+ (It deserves your attention for a while!)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK (@NirmalRaj2911)

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Bhootnath Returns - Movie Review

Verdict: “Operates as an imposing eye opener, but the bad news is it's still boring at times which was excusable.”

On a serious and a significant note, Bhootnath Returns was perfectly placed before the election season with few noteworthy aspects that pretty much act as a revelation component for the society with a endearing witty routine which will definitely appeal you as a viewer.

Following up the narrative of it's forerunner Bhootnath, Bhootnath Returns opens with Mr. Bhootnath stepping into a typical urban fashioned dreamland known as the Bhootworld occupied with Indian citizens everywhere. The absence of daunting elements inside him results in something absurd, where he was made fun by every person around him.

Humiliated with the situation, Bhootnath concurs on a compact that leads him returning back to earth and eventually meeting a young indigent kid Akhrot (Parth Bhalerao) who ultimately pleads Bhootnath to participate in the elections as a local candidate.

The forked storyline was divided into two diverse acts, the first act comprehended it's strength right away and highlighted the comedic element of the movie in a proper way. The minimal plot took it's own direction and distended into a waggish juvenile way which is hard to agree but the movie completely sells the idea in a believable way.

The second act lost it's direction and started to drag out a bit. It started to slog in every single aspect with it's flat narration and turgid storyline but for a extent, it definitely pleases your heart with it's gratifying sequences that had an awe-inspiring social message. Effective!

Nitesh Tiwari's direction was vaguely impressive, he crafted the storyline cleverly to some extent and when it reached to an elevated height it was undistinguished and got bland as I stated earlier. A much constricted screenplay and a thirty minute amendment from the actual length of the movie could've worked really well.

Amitabh Bachchan sir played an unfussy, down-to-earth character in the movie that I truly appreciate. His striking on-screen charisma, jesting humour and the liveliness he brought to the movie was remarkable. The little kid Parth Bhalerao was outstanding in the movie, normally I do hate kids with hasty attitudes, but Parth sold out the movie completely for me with his sharp and droll timing and his chemistry with Amitabh sir was likable and affable. Boman Irani was equally impressive too, his self-centered egoistic character justified the bad guy element in the movie thoroughly.

However, Bhootnath Returns is a humorous take on the present day politics which was filled with dishonesty and corruption. The focal social message was delivered with quite a few bumps which should've been overlooked by the director. Cladding with every single odd it still had few heartening sequences that I really loved and cherished.

My Rating - 3/5
Grade - B (Worth a watch!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM

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Main Tera Hero – Movie Review

Verdict – “Too bad even for a nonsensical David Dhawan comedy”

A flamboyant youngster, Seenu, travels to Bangalore to accomplish a degree but instead falls in love with Sunaina (Ileana D’cruz). Their love hits a bump when Ayesha (Nargis Fakri), daughter of a rich Don, falls in love with Seenu. She organises the kidnapping of Sunaina and gives Seenu an ultimatum to marry her and forget about Sunaina. Will Seenu be able to retrieve Sunaina from Ayesha? You will find that out in ‘Main Tera Hero’.

The Father-Son duo David and Varun Dhawan are working together for the first time. This is an interesting collaboration since I am a fan of David Dhawan’s nonsensical comedy and the fact that he cast his son in the lead role whose first movie was decent.

Getting in to the performances, Varun Dhawan’s performance as Seenu is the only thing which makes this movie watchable. He is energetic, flexible (in the sense of acting abilities) and farce. He does a decent job but it is mostly forgettable. Ileana and Nargis play the love interests to Varun’s character. There was not much acting to do for both of them, they just needed to look pretty, which they have certainly accomplished. The supporting cast includes Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav, Saurabh Shukla and Arunoday Singh. Their characters are ingenuous, poorly developed and blunt.

This movie did have a strong cast but the abysmal story and screenplay didn’t give the actors ample to work with. For the most part you have no idea where the movie is headed. The dialogue was cheesy and corny. No dialogue or emotion had relevance to the situation there were facing.

Most of the David Dhawan movies do not have a good story and characters but they are enjoyable for what they are. This movie lacked even the minimum sense of comedy which usually a David Dhawan movie has in plenty. You might get a few laughs here and there but it does not have anything else to offer.

‘Main Tera Hero’ is just a series of forced idiotic scenes and corny dialogue. If you are into watching typical Bollywood movies, this movie will work just fine for you and for the others it can be easily skipped.

My Rating - 1.5/5
Grade - D+ (Hangover)
-By Chinmay Chawade (@ChinmayChawade)

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Bad Words – Movie Review

Verdict – “Bad Words spells almost everything correctly.”

‘Bad Words’ is the directorial debut of Jason Bateman who also stars in it as a 40 year old proof reader, who after finding a loophole in the rules of a national level Spelling Bee, competes against 8th graders to exact his revenge and win the competition.

Being a huge Jason Bateman fan mainly from the cult show ‘Arrested Development’, I was immensely excited for this movie. Guy(Jason) is a raunchy, idiotic, cocky and egocentric man who is willing to do anything and everything to win the competition. To put it simply, he is one of the most terrible human beings on Earth who does not hold back even from playing dirty mind games with 10 year olds.

Jenny (Kathryn Hahn), an online writer, is the sponsor of Guy Trilby. She tries to help him in any way possible but also has a lot of hatred for him. Kathryn Hahn’s performance was genuinely very funny. Just one gripe about her character is that, she was not used up to her optimum extent.The development which her character goes through during the course of the movie does not hold up till the end and she slowly fades away.

Out of all the performances, the one performance which holds strong against Jason Bateman’s performance is Rohan Chand who plays a 10 year old Indian contestant named Chaitanya Chopra. He was the perfect contrast to Jason’s sour character.

Bad Words did not have the perfect story arc. It was a bit irrational during its second act since the things which the characters were trying to do during this second act did not have anything to do with the situation they were in. The climax also was not completely satisfying.

The screenplay turned this pitch black comedy into something which has a lot of heart and soul to it, this movie was trying to be something else which it clearly wasn’t. The kind of emotional impact that the Director wanted his audience to feel in the end was not delivered in the perfect way.

In spite of having a few glitches here and there, this movie will manage to give you a lot of good laughs and you will have a great time with it. It is great as a casual watch, you can just sit back and enjoy it without any worries.

Bad Words indeed has a lot of Bad Words in it so be careful who you pitch it to or who you watch it with.

My Rating – 3.5/5 | Grade – B+
-By Chinmay Chawade (@ChinmayChawade)

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Maan Karate - Movie Review

Verdict - “An entertainer with baseless plot.”

Maan Karate, a romcom directed by debutant Thirukumaran released yesterday amid much fanfare. It has Sivakarthikeyan and Hansika in the lead. "Marina" Satish, Vamsi Krishna and Writer Shaji played few vital roles in the movie. Anirudh Ravichander scored the music for the film, while Sukumar and Aswin took care of the cinematography and editing respectively.

The film opens up with a group consisting of five IT professionals going in search of a saint inside a forest. They find him and test him for his powers and ask for newspaper of a government holiday. The saint uses his power and gives them the newspaper.

They think it’s a fake newspaper and ignores it but later they find that everything was happening according to the newspaper. They plan to make use of these happenings in the newspaper to earn money. Whom they use to earn the money? and what happens next forms the plot.

The story written by A.R.Murugadoss was dreary and predictable at times. The first half of the movie was entertaining which keeps us engaged. But second half was a huge letdown. The scenes involving the boxing matches were exasperating at times.

Simply by insulting the hero, he gets the muscle to thrash a skilled boxer, it's inane to watch these scenes. Thirukumaran should have worked more on the screenplay especially the second half to ensure it was gripping and pleasing.

Sivakarthikeyan with his urban stylish look, makes us laugh our socks off. His comical timing and one liners keeps us really engaged. He had gained a cult fan following in a very short period. He was welcomed with big whistles and claps and he also kept improvising his acting skills in each movie and his chemistry with Hansika was adorable.

Hansika the bubbly girl impresses us with her cute expressions. She played her part really well as Siva's love interest. "Marina" Satish was hilarious as usual.

Anirudh's background score was top notch as few songs were already chartbusters. "Royapuram Peter" featuring "Paravai" Muniyamma was received well by the audience with whistles and howls. Anirudh and A.R.Murugadoss had a cameo in the song "Open the Tasmac" which was surprising. Cinematography and editing were decent.

Director Thirukumaran had tried to give us an entertaining flick and achieved it in the first half but the second half was pretty much disappointing and predictable. Watch "Maan Karate" only for time pass and Sivakarthikeyan's rib-tickling comedy.

My Rating- 3/5
Grade- B (Worth a Watch!)
-By Nirmalraj aka AK (@NirmalRaj2911)

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Movie Review

Verdict: “Undeniably the best Marvel stand alone movie till date. An exhilarating action thriller”

What I revered the most about this movie was that its uncommon and novel when compared to every other superhero movie. Constructing a new genre in the superhero movie franchise, Captain America: TWS narrates it's own story in a contemporary format where we get to experience spectacular action sequences, relentless political drama and a much needed gratifying humour that we all enjoy.

Slightly unequipped with the progressive environment, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) is been designated for a mission by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to rescue a ship that belongs to S.H.E.L.D and he's been convoyed by Agent Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johanson).

Complying with Fury's commands, Agent Romanoff extracts some secret information from the ship which doesn't function when Fury tries to unlock with his directives eventually. Fury later comprehends that he's been targeted by a mysterious organization and entreats Rogers to discover the influence behind it.

As I listed out earlier, this movie didn't trail with the generic superhero formula, it took it's own directions and triumphed over in every single aspect with it's engaging heroic act. The suspenseful political drama between these two enormous forces was riveting and it's nearly unpredictable in every single string.

Compared to the previous Marvel stand alone movies, I desperately missed the other characters existence and significance in the movie and to my surprise in this movie, I'm overwhelmed with the amount of time they've granted for every single character. Every single lead in the movie had their moment to cherish and emphasize their intent.

Making the most of their given screen time, the performances were remarkable. I can't elect an astounding one but overall as a prevailing team they all done a great job equally.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo absolutely had no experience in directing action, they've only had a considerable amount of experience in TV programs and they're phenomenal with their work in this movie. I can undeniably admit that the action sequences were top notch, amazingly shot as we can delightfully enjoy them completely because of it's indisputable display.

As per the references part, they were many that link up for the Avengers and Cap3 sequels and I deeply recommend you to check out the first part before, for refreshing your thoughts. Also the first end credits scene was vital and I suggest you to sit back and keep an eye on it.

With that being said, Captain America 2 is the best Marvel movie next to The Avengers, I'm completely surprised with every single aspect of the movie. The novelty that Russos brought to the big screen was astonishing which will entertain every single viewer as I call it a film fiesta.

My Rating - 4/5
Grade - A (The best one around!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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