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Ungli - Movie Review

Verdict - "Ungli is a combination of indolent screenplay and poor direction. A lazy attempt!"

Corruption, fraud and bribery are the three most prevalent things in our society. Making a movie based on these attributes is an enlightened thing to do and I always do appreciate when movies of a particular theme have a diverse and an eminent story to tell.

To summarize the plot of the movie, Ungli narrates the story about a gang of four people who were incensed for few precise reasons takes on the corrupted society by exhausting the evil heels with an ingenious strategy. What is the reason behind the formation of this posse? Make a wild guess, I bet you're not that dumb.

Ungli kicks off with a stultified plot that we've seen for many times by now. I steamed up my curiosity hoping that the movie will share some distinct thoughts about society and their struggle. But the movie doesn't take the liberty to explore something new and profound, it falls into the same generic clichés that people are not interested to watch anymore. It did have an ambitious premise to share, but it's a lazy attempt.

Who should we blame for this debacle? Probably, the director Rensil D Silva? In the first place, I'm surprised with the fact that this movie got an approval from a massive production house like Dharma Productions. This movie should've never been made with a substandard script nor with a potent star cast, a small movie with a petite starcast could've worked, but it's too late!

And the most disappointing factor about the movie were the characters itself, you just have to sympathize with Randeep, Kangana & Emraan because their ability was wasted and we really don't care or be concerned about what they do in the movie and when that happens you can say that the movie is in a very wrong place.

Nevertheless, Ungli is just another disappointing movie and I'm really concerned with the fact about all the production studios like DP and YRF are making few inadequate movies which is not a good sign. I suggest you to better skip this movie.

My Rating - 2.5/5
Grade - C+ (It deserves your attention for a while!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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The Equalizer - Movie Review

Verdict - "The Equalizer delivers! A perfect rated R action movie."

Day in and day out, on his visit to the local restaurant, Robert McCall (Denzel) encounters his friend Alina (Chloe Grace Moretz) as they both share few affable conversations about books and music. Being a hooker by profession, Alina is being totured everyday by his evil boss who is a part of a Russian gang and eventually things get worse when Alina is beaten up severely.

Exasperated with the situation, McCall takes justice in his hands and decides to take out the whole gang without reluctance.

To point out the negative aspects, the actual runtime of this movie was about one thirty five minutes which was pretty soaring for a movie of this kind. It didn't feel necessary, when we're not getting the essential aspects that are needed. I'm actually invested in McCalll's character and awaited for his past story, but we didn't get to learn much about his character.

Also, they are numerous characters and scenes (including McCall's friend Ralphie) in the movie which didn't feel crucial, maybe it's just the way to explore more about McCall's character, but it didn't stand out for me.

But the movie scored the best in it's action sequences, it was bloody and ferocious which added that extra aggressive asset to a rated R movie. All the scenes were very well choreographed along with the sleek style and luminous camera work.

And I do want to credit director Antoine Fuqua for giving us exactly what we expect from an action movie. He understands the genre pretty well and after taking his previous two films (Traning Day & Olympus Has Fallen) into count, I do consider him as one of the best action movie directors working in Hollywood right now.

Denzel Washington was a one man army in the movie, he has that inveigling screen presence and whenever he's on-screen he demanded my attention and he's one of the reason why I didn't feel exhausted after watching a two hour movie. And the scenes with his antagonist were probably the best and the most intriguing ones too.

On the whole, The Equalizer delivers that rated R action movie we deserve in a diverse way, it was filled with incredible blood-soaked action scenes but it was far too long and slightly damages our interest in the movie. Nevertheless, it was worth watching and fairly entertains for the most part.

My Rating - 3/5
Grade - B (Worth a watch!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Happy Ending - Movie Review

Verdict - “Happy Ending is just another movie which we come across every year."

Even with the most generic title, I expected an assorted take on this genre, only because of the fact that it was directed Raj & DK who previously directed many distinct movies like Shor in the City and Go Goa Gone. My expectations were pretty moderate and presumed for that arbitary vibe from the movie.

Yudi Jaitley (Saif Ali Khan) is a popular and also a candid individual, who doesn't believe in love. After numerous break-ups with his exes, he encounters Aanchal Reddy (Ileana), an emerging writer who replaces Yudi's position at their company. Known for his incredible skill at flirting people, Yudi easily grabs Aanchal's attention as they hangout together starting as friends.

The screenplay of the movie kickss off with a indefinte direction, it's just all over the place and it's pretty hard to comprehend for a while. After setting up it's destination, it turns into a generic rom-com with all the customary moments we've seen before. We can simply predict the movie beforehand and with the accustomed things happening over and over again, you will feel bored and may probably lose interest in the movie.

But I can defend the movie with this argument, it does some justice to the word "happy" in it's title. The comedic aspect was great in the movie, it was fresh and sparkling and i genuinely enjoyed it for the most part. And also the climax, it just ends well without any surprise which may keep a smile on your face for few obvious reasons.

I still enjoy Saif Ali Khan's style and humour. But is he too old for these kinda roles? Yes! I did enjoy his character, but it was slightly displeasing to watch. Ileana D' Cruz does a decent job, there was no depth in her character and I didn't really care about her in the movie.

But Ranvir Shorey did a magnificent job as Saif's BFF in the movie, he had that alluring factor and the scene just sparkled whenever he's around. Kalki and Govinda were brilliant with their minimal roles and added that extra amusing ingredient to the movie which is always a positive component.

I personally love the work of the directors Raj & DK, they always try something diverse and also surprisingly succeed everytime. But with this movie, the streak came to an end. It was nothing new or nothing surprising and that is the major drawback of the movie. The movie didn't felt like a sattire on the usual Bollywood rom-com's as it had the same elements as everything else.

Finally, Happy Ending had some happy moments to cheer about, but there was nothing new in this attractive bag. If you do love rom-com's rent this movie and watch it on a rainy day, for everyone else, I do recommend to skip it.

My Rating - 2/5
Grade - C (Meh! Probably a rental)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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John Wick - Movie Review

Verdict - "Sleek and stylish. John Wick was an astounding experience".

How long it has been since we've seen a perfect action thriller from a well known actor? I'd say years! And I'm glad that I can now say that John Wick was by far the best action movie of the year which religiously abide by it's genre.

Nevertheless, the story of the movie was a bit silly for it's own good. After the death of her beloved ill wife Helen, John Wick a retired hitman acquires a reason to get back to his roots and takes out the whole gang who were responsible for worrying his tranquil and peaceful life.

With that being said, there's nothing more to discuss about the story of the film, it just helped as a supporting component of the movie. I do agree with the fact that it was much more meaningful and agreeable. But while watching this movie, I didn't really care about the plot of the movie. It was entirely the action sequences which put me on the edge of my seat.

To enlighten the fact that I mentioned earlier, the movie utterly gives us the most memorable action scenes ever put on-screen in recent days. They were masterfully choreographed, skillfully shot and incredibly performed. And to get that three set package was a lot arduous these days.

To continue with the technical aspect of the movie, directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski who worked as stunt men before did a phenomenal job in directing the movie, they completely have knowledge of what they're doing and delivered it flawlessly.

Keanu Reeves did an incredible job with his role and that's only because of the majestic character that he got in this movie. He had the freedom to comeback, do most of his stunt work during the action seqnences and he also did remarkably well during the emotional scenes. And I'm quite happy to see him back doing great roles, he deserved it.

To conclude, I strongly recommend you to go watch John Wick in theatres, not only because it's one of the best films of the year but also a very well done action movie which was sleek, stylish and astounding to experience. Do not miss it!

My Rating - 3.5/5
Grade - B+ (A perfect weekend watch!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Kill Dil - Movie Review

Verdict - "Kill Dil leaves you with nothing but distress".

To begin with the plot of the movie, Dev (Ranveer) and Tutu (Ali Zafar) were two orphan kids watched over by the gangster Bhaiyaji (Govinda) in a brutish atmosphere where guns and weapons were respected more than the books and education.

While invigorating their lives as professional shooters, Dev encounters Disha, a fizzy and a gracious individual and in the long run, they obviously fall in love with each other. Eventually, Bhaiyaji learns about their relationship and completely gets offended, leaving Dev with an unsure path to chose between Kill or Dil.

Honestly, this is a blunt storyline which we've seen many times before. It's nothing new or refreshing, but the potential to turn into a stimulating storyline was always available. The narration of the movie is like a journey of a particular individual from his childhood and they can indisputably tell a great story within these boundaries.

But, the screenplay of the movie was all over the place for the most part, it doesn't conclude a scene well, it doesn't take time nourish and moreover it was arduous to watch these random scenes pop-up without a definite meaning. And just to cheer you guys up, the film does hits well on all it's comedic scenes which is the cheif redeeming factor of the movie and the only component which I enjoyed the most.

Talking about potential, I'm actually impressed with few distinct scenes in the movie, mainly the climax with Zafar, Ranveer and Parineeti, it was actually one of the few interesting takes I've seen in a while and I also comprehended that director Shaad Ali has the ability to gyrate the movie into an exciting one.

Technically, I loved Aveek Mukhopadhyay's cinematography in the movie, they were a wide range of lights used in the movie and he did a remarkable job in capturing them efficiently, but is it something which defies the tone of the movie? No! The music (except for the title song) in the movie didn't astonish me to any extent and they're rather forgettable than intolerable.

I do love the casting of this movie, Zafar and Ranveer enthralled me with their chemistry and the brotherhood between each other, but as I stated earlier, the film didn't take time to develop and therefore the characters are a bit stale. The romantic love angle between Ranveer and Parineeti was the most generic thing I've seen in a while.

With that being said, there's nothing wrong with their performances, it was decent along with Govinda's swag. But it didn't really fit well with the movie.

On the whole, I'm not disappointed with Kill Dil because I went with zero expectations and I'm completely fine to watch a bad movie. This movie should've never been made, there's no new element attached it and I completely don't recommend you to go watch it. If you're still interested to watch it for the comedic aspect or for few interesting shots, go with a very low expectation.

My Rating - 1.5/5
Grade - D+ (A hangover!)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Nightcrawler - Movie Review

Verdict - "Dark, hilarious and unnerving!"

Being an erratic in common, I love when movies have that violent-gritty vibe blended with a dark humour that only particular set of audience can connect to. It's pretty weird!

The story is about this eerie individual named Lou Bloom (Jake Gylenhall) who finds interest in shooting and selling viral crime videos to news channel outlets before or after the cops arrive for further investigation at the crime scene. In the long run, in order to boost up the ratings for the news channel he's working for, Bloom enters into a spot where he takes high risks and goes insane to a point where he turns into a terrible person with an evil mindset.

Because of the fact that the screenplay of the movie was very well placed, I better describe this whole experience as an enigma, it entices you deliberately, takes you to these dark places where criminality is sky scrapping and humanity is fading among the normal people. It exhibits the authentic culture of all the news outlets and how dangerous a beautiful city can be in the night.

One of the major positives about this movie was it's writing, the dialogues in the movie were so well written that it's almost unusual to have such a bizarre conversation with somebody and they were great and sharp in my opinion. And as I stated initially, the comedic aspects in this movies were few things I enjoyed the most.

Being his directorial debut, I can say that Dan Gilroy was remarkable at his job, the car chase sequences were shot with perfection and for eight million dollar budget this movie looked incredible on-screen and I'm totally surprised with it.

If you observe the movie very specifically, you can comprehend that Gylenhall was completely immersed to his character, he lost weight, he looked like an uncanny person to hangout and this was by far my favourite performance by Gylenhall among all his previous ones. Rene Russo was incredibly alluring in the movie also with an evil diligent character and I genuinely liked watching her in the movie.

Delivering flawlessly in every single frame, Nightcrawler was by far one of the best movies I've seen in 2014 and was surely at the top of my list. It was dark, hilarious and unnerving, it just doesn't have that quick re-watchability factor and that's the only flaw I can point out in this movie.

My Rating - 4.5/5
Grade - A+ (Don't dare to miss it)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Interstellar - Movie Review

Verdict - "A visual masterpiece with narrative flaws."

In all conscience, after watching Interstellar, I just felt like I'm left in a maze, where I can take different directions to get to the finish point. The movie will leave you confused, you go through a lot of speculations and in the end it just leaves your mind perplexed.

Civilization on earth is at stakes, dreadful things (natural calamities) start to happen and the scientists at NASA begin to search for a new home across the galaxy and the wormhole near the planet Saturn seems to be an appropriate one for the human race. As a result, a crew of four including Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and Amelia (Anne Hathaway) travel to the wormhole in a space shuttle named Endurance for a two year exploration.

Let's discuss about the screenplay of the movie and possibly one of the most befuddling one I've ever seen. Let me put it plain words here, after watching the movie, I did have the keenness to sit back and analyze the movie and after examining the plot, I came to a conclusion that it's not bewildering for the most part. It's just the unclear narrative structure of the movie which was confusing.

And that initiates my major complaint about the movie, it had some narrative issues. The movie demands your attention, even if you're out-of-the-movie for one single minute, it's hard to understand what's happening around. And even when you're immersed into this movie you will still find to tough to comprehend unless you're an astrophysicist.

Does it needed to be that mystifying? Sure! I like when movies make me think for days and months, but this movie can be explained in a better way with seamless illustrations once in a while.

On the other side, I the loved the human emotion in the movie, mainly between the characters Cooper and Murph, there's a certain scene in the movie which I don't want to spoil when Cooper sees his children for the time after many years, (if you had watched you know what I'm talking about) that scene whacked me out with nothing but tears. Even the climax, it was jaw-dropping to watch two main characters share an emotional scene which was quite spectacular to think about.

Apart from the screenplay, Christopher Nolan did a decent job directing the movie, the fact that he and his brother Jonathan were developing from 2006 enthralls me. There's a lot of effort put into this movie, in terms of research, astro physical theories and everything else and I appreciate that he dedicated ample amount of time on the movie which will surely be discussed by a lot of people in the near future.

Now! What exceeding my expectations from the movie are the visual effects, it was astounding to gaze at what's happening on screen. The wide-screen panorama perfectly enhanced the outer world spectacles including various other planets and few giant natural calamities which were amazing. It was quite tricky to create an imaginative world and the technical department did a remarkable job with it including the cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema.

There's nothing much to talk about the performances in the movie, Matthew McConaughey was splendid in few emotional sequences, so as Hathaway and Jessica Chastain. As nothing to display as an actor in the movie, all the performances were decent in the movie with few surprising characters that I didn't really see coming.

Nonetheless, Interstellar literally fries your brain with a lot of questions and speculations, it was the most baffling movie I've seen this year and I'm pretty sure that I will like it more than now after a second or third watch. Apart from that, the movie was a visual masterpiece which enriches the movie going experience for a viewer who likes to delve deep into the movie, speculating, understanding and learning more about the subject.

My Rating - 3.75/5 | Grade - B+
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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Gone Girl - Movie Review

Verdict - "Unnerving and exhilarating. Gone Girl hits on every single note."

To begin with, let me share my experience after watching Gone Girl. It was a two and half hour movie, I was dead silent in the theatre, never got sidetracked by anybody and after the movie concluded, I felt dismal and obscure. I sat down for five minutes summarized the whole movie, came to a conclusion and after that I realised that this movie is like an enigma, it leaves you with a bunch of questions. And when a movie leaves you with a feeling which is so unnerving. You must definitely concur that the movie is a masterpiece.

The movie kicks-off with Nick Dunne (Affleck) reporting the police about his missing wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) and eventually when things start to unfold Nick's innocence and the haste in his wife's personal things comes into question.

I always consider the "screenplay" as the main aspect for a film's success. It must ask you questions, it should contain all the twists and turns and overall it should be intense and Gone Girl complies to all these aspects flawlessly.

In detail, while unfolding the storyline of the movie, your brain will be delimited with various tricky questions about the characters like Nick or Amy, its suspicious! Also the brother-sister relationship in the movie which was handled very carefully and at a particular point of the movie, I almost settled with the fact that they do have something going on between them. And that's what I loved about the movie, it keeps your attention in a secure position.

I do have few minimal complaints about the screenplay of the movie, mainly it's climax. After hitting on every single note, the last twenty minutes didn't pay-off really well. It felt irrelevant and beside the point and it took me off from the movie a little bit. Maybe it's just not the acme I'm looking for.

What stands out the most about the movie is David Fincher's take on mass media, he explores the unnerving behind the scenes aspect and exhibits the fact that people do believe everything put on-screen without even thinking if it's legit detail or not. Also his precise direction to keep the movie going with anticipation and the ability to make the movie look good should be appreciated.

Rosamund Pike is the show stealer here, she's been given a diverse character to do and she absolutely knocks it out-of-the-park. We get to see every single shade from her and she mastered every single frame with ease and perfection. Loved watching Ben Affleck playing a different role beyond his comfort zone. His character had many variant layers in it, so that he can fool around, be a nice guy or a terrible person to hang out with.

To conclude, as I stated earlier it's pretty hard to keep a person captive in a one fifty minute movie without even getting bored and Gone Girl did that to me, it was intense, perplexing and completely nefarious in it's approach. It's one of my favourite movies of the year and I can't wait to watch it for the second time.

My Rating - 4.5/5
Grade - A+ (Don't dare to miss it)
-By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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