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Iron Man 3 - Spoiler Movie Review

[Thought it would be cool to re-post few reviews that I wrote in the early days of my career on my old website. My writing skills were not that great back then, so, bear with me.]

Fast, exhilarating and a highly entertaining film of 2013 to date. Also a good pace establisher for many summer movies ahead.  Spoilers ahead!

The thing about all the Marvel's movies is that they don't go deep into the story content. They just deal with a simple story by adding plenty breathtaking and grand action sequences. These were targeted to the audience, who don't complain when the plot is weak nor the performance of the cast. Iron Man 3 doesn't transact with different things; the same old Hollywood story is dealt with all sort of tiny things that make sense throughout the movie.

The movie outsets back in 1999 on the new year's eve where Tony Stark is just a regular billionaire without all the arc reactor and stuff. Hanging out with Hansen (Rebecca Hall), as he encounters Aldrich Killian (Guy Pearce) who wants Stark to unite with him on the Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM) project, but Stark castoff his request. Coming back to the present day, Stark is now a busy man developing his new profoundly altered suit armors, while the city bumps into a new threat "Mandarin" who was a terrorist and menaces the people by appearing on television at times. 

After a while, when Stark's security chief Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) is caught up in one of the Mandarin's attack he challenges him (Mandarin) to take down his mansion if he wants to and the Mandarin army does that. During the invasion, Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Hansen survive, but Stark fells into the river and everyone believes him as dead. The traumatized Stark now learns about all the things happening in Mandarin with the help of his ten-year-old friend Harley (Ty Simpkins). On his research, Stark ascertains that Mandarin is a real dumbass and the real Mandarin is his old adherent Killian. Now Killian wants to take over Stark and the whole city if he does not assist him in his project. He (Killian) builds up his terrible team who don't die effortlessly without beating the shit of the opponent. So Stark decides that he is the one who can take down the hot sweltering Mandarin gang with the help of Colonel Rhodes and his computer (Jarvis) operated armors. 

What makes sense when you watch it in a 3D format? Well, its utterly annoying putting up a frame of glasses on your face which is not worth a shit. But, I'll go with the mid-air rescue where Iron man saves a bunch of county officials with a remotely handled suit armor, the takedown by the Mandarin men on Stark's mansion with the helicopter gunships and the whole climax sequence which take place on a cargo ship. These things will undeniably give us goosebumps in the way the scene is handled or crafted with the background score added.

And they were few fun sequences around which we unexceptionally expect from a Marvel movie, and I have an issue that they were used in excess in few places. And the biggest fun thing about the film is the acting Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), he shows up frightfully, in the beginning, he suddenly weirdly appears on tv, terrifies the president and finally ends being a dud.

Now the real hitch when you show up with a predictable story is that it will not open up in different orbits. It just has a badass villain to compete against the hero till the very end and the hero somehow blow his entire army up and finally demolishes the villain in his style. But to drive the story to this level, you just have to make sure that your screenplay is sharp and the let the minuscule things weave the story for you. Shane Black and Drew Pearce had done an excellent job in writing the screenplay and handling a significant expectation of the movie.

The direction again from Shane Black was quite exceptional, he had a single movie experience which is quite less to direct a big sequel, and as per me he lived up to all the expectations, maybe he could have been more keen on his script which can do miracles when needed. Apart from that, the cinematography and the editing were impressive, whatever the tricks they used, the cameraman has to be appreciated for his work cause it's more about moving objects all around.

CGI was luminous, but I have a slight thing that it has been spoiled due to the 3D version, but then again it was a fair bit of job pulled out by the technical department. Credits to the music composer Brain Tyler for the great orchestra supported sound he used, mainly during the action scenes.

Robert Downey Jr. is in full form right here, he was not forced to give out an Oscar-winning performance, but a decent justifying one is much more needed which is a trouble-free task for someone like RDJ. Gwyneth Paltrow is a whole new Pepper Potts now; she's got a few things to handle up herself in the climax and she scores in whatever is offered to her. And to my surprise, Guy Pearce was terrific as a badass, the whole biotech hot stuff poisoned in him gives an extra strength for him, and he carried out everything well.

Finally, Iron Man 3 doesn't leave you in uncertainty; this doesn't make you think again like a Nolan film, it aspires to give you a 150-minute entertainment. Another summer banger from Marvel and we can instead expect an end to the Iron Man series for now.

My Rating - 3.5/5 | -By Surya Komal aka KM (@SuryaKomal)

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